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Get your X Number Patch

Every Rhythm X member and staff member has an X Number. While the number itself is what's important, we wanted a way to show the world, and our family who we are and just how big our heritage is. To make this a reality we created an official patch which every member will receive after they've performed at finals their rookie year. But, we want to make sure that when a new member sees you in the lot they can get a sense of when you joined the group and just how vast our history is. 

We want to make your patch experience just as special as the members so we've created two packages that we'd love to send to every alumni! Read more about the packages and donation options:

X Number Package #1

Package #1

The first package includes your custom sewn X Number patch, a certificate of authenticity which includes your name, X number, and first year, and an official Rhythm X sticker die cut in high quality vinyl. To cover the cost and get a solid footing on our X15 season this packet will be sent to you for a small donation of $13. (One dollar for each year we've been around.)


X Number Package #2

Package #2

The second package includes your very own custom Rhythm X Alumni tee with your X number in vinyl lettering on the back! This shirt sports the official new Rhythm X Alumni logo created by our very own Justin Brenneman. Package #2 also includes your custom sewn X Number patch, certificate of authenticity, and official Rhythm X sticker in die-cut vinyl. A donation of $34.00 is requested. (There are 340 X Numbers to date.)