WGI Indy Regional Recap

Both US competing ensembles had a successful and productive weekend at the WGI Regionals in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rhythm X Winds had their first Winds only regional at Avon High School all day Saturday, for both prelims and finals. The Percussion Ensemble earned first place for both prelims and finals

The Percussion showcased their new uniforms, designed by Fred J Miller Inc which contains elements from past uniforms of Rhythm X Percussion. The bright red uniforms have a unique design with the white backs, giving the members the illusion of being "Gone" when they are facing back. 

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The X Store booth was open throughout the entire weekend for our fans to grab the newest gear! You can stop by at our next show or head over to the online store and get your $5 lanyard with the recently discounted Tim Fairbanks Signature Sticks, and Tim Jackson Signature Tenor Sticks

Thank you for all of your support of Rhythm X Inc.! Check out the rest of our performance tour schedule, and catch our next show on March 25-26!

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Rhythm X is not just a WGI ensemble, but a music educational organization that works hard every year to bring world class education to the youth around the world. With ensembles in both The United States, and Amsterdam. Partnered with The X Academy to host clinics in Texas, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, and Lithuania. Rhythm X has a big presence in music education. 

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