Dayton Dragons Drumline Audition Clinic a Success!

Yesterday, The X Academy presented the Dayton Dragons Drumline Audition Clinic at Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Ohio. The event was a great success with students from all over the Dayton area in attendance, eager to learn and be a part of the hottest new thing in minor league baseball. Percussionists of all ages and ability levels were able to take part in the clinic this past weekend. Led by the Dayton Dragons Drumline Founder and Director, Zac Jansheski, students spent the full day learning from experienced staff; focusing on clean technique, rehearsing exercises and cadences, and meeting other students in the area. Check out some photos from the event below:

Congratulations to all those who made the line and thank you to every student who came out to the clinic to make it such a success! Contract signing occurs this upcoming Wednesday, 25. The 2015 Dayton Dragons Drumline will debut at the Opening Day Parade on April 12, 2015! Check out our schedule to find out when you can see the Dayton Dragons Drumline in action at any one of the games!

MEPA Hamilton Show Recap

The first show is in the books! Rhythm X debuted  "When One Door Closes" on Sunday at MEPA's Hamilton show. You can view the scores here.

The X Academy hosted a free percussion clinic in the Hamilton High School Auditorium after the show, where Tim Jackson discussed Rhythm X's technique and performance practices, as well as facilitating a free t-shirt give-away and performances of chunks of the X15 show. If you missed the clinic or want to learn more, get all the tips and techniques with the X15 Percussion Technique Packet.

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Not only did Rhythm X debut a show this weekend, we also debuted brand new merchandise at The X Store booth including zip-up jackets, new t-shirt designs, flat-billed hats, lanyards, and more! Keep an eye out for these new products to soon be added to The X Store for online ordering. Get your gear online or visit The X Store booth in two weeks at the WGI Indianapolis Regional!

After a successful first show weekend, Rhythm X ensembles are excited to get back to work to prepare for our first WGI Regional in Indianapolis on Saturday, February 14. In the meantime, follow our social media accounts throughout the week for the latest and greatest of Rhythm X. See you in two weeks!

Keeping Up With Rhythm X at MEPA Hamilton

Tomorrow Rhythm X is performing at the Mid East Performance Association show at Hamilton HS. It's the first show of the year and chances are, you're too far away to come see it! Here's how you can keep up with all things Rhythm X throughout the day. Our great team of interns does an awesome job keeping all of our social media accounts up and running so you can get all the photos and video of our show day.


Wondering what we're up to? Here's Sunday's schedule:

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The Dayton Dragons Drumline Join The Rhythm X, Inc. Family!

A high-school performer in the 2014 Dayton Dragons Drumline.

A high-school performer in the 2014 Dayton Dragons Drumline.

The Dayton Dragons drumline have become an official program of Rhythm X, Inc.! The program started in 2014 under the direction of Mr. Zac Jansheski. Rhythm X has hired Zac to continue the awesome work that he started.

On February 22nd, The X Academy will be hosting the Dayton Dragons Audition Clinics at Fifth Third Field. You can register here

The Dayton Dragons Drumline is a youth-centered activity. We encourage anyone 19 years-old or younger to come audition. Those that become a part of the ensemble are sure to have the summer of their lives! The Dayton Dragons drumline will perform at the home games of the Dayton Dragons. The team has a record number of sold-out games and the fan experience at Fifth Third Field is second-to-none!


The X15 Audition Clinics Recap

Rhythm X and The X Academy held a successful series of audition clinics over the past two weeks. Both the percussion ensemble and our new world-class wind ensemble found some incredibly talented individuals to join the cast. Also great, was the turnout of incredible students from around the world who attended just to learn from our incredible educational team. 

You can learn more about our upcoming clinic and performance tour at

The X15 Audition Clinics, presented by The X Academy!

It's that time again! Each year we hold audition clinics - open to the public - for anyone regardless of age or playing ability. If you want to be a part of the Rhythm X cast then this is your chance! If you're just looking to learn from our incredible staff then you're welcome too! 

There are two exciting changes to this year's clinics. First, our new project The X Academy is taking over! From now on, all clinic events will be hosted by The X Academy, our new educational wing. Secondly, we're adding winds! We're looking for the best wind players in the activity to be a part of the inaugural season of WGI Winds. If you are a wind player we want to see you at the X15 Audition Clinics!

The clinics will be held on two Sundays: October 12th and 19th at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The clinics start at 10 AM and check-in begins at 9 AM. 


You can register for the clinics at and most of your questions are answered on the FAQs page. Other questions? Just email us at

Whether you're going or not, join in on the hype! Our Facebook Cover Photo and a poster are below. You can download the PDF of the poster here.

Facebook Cover Photo

Audition Poster. (Download a PDF here.)

Photos From the X14 Audition Clinics

Our friend Jared Thomas from Jared Hampton Thomas Photography stopped by the X14 Audition Clinics and captured some great moments. 

People from all over the US made the trip to Ohio for our annual audition clinics. You can see most of them, along with our world class staff in these amazing photos!

You can see more of Jared's work at his website or his company's Facebook page. Want to share and tag these photos? They're on our Facebook page too!