Adams MT1-S Trumpet (Used)

Adams MT1-S Trumpet (Used)

  • Models: MT1-S Silver
  • Key: Bb

  • Bore: 0.46

  • Bell Diameter: 5”

  • Piston: Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 2.2 lb.

  • Case: Yes

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Adams Musical Instruments is proud to announce the 2013 release of the new Marching Brass Series of instruments handcrafted in Thorn, Holland. Building on the success of the Custom Brass Series, Adams
craftsmen have created a line of horns that surpasses the performance and endurance of all others.
The Adams Marching Brass Series has been created to elevate performance by delivering the finest quality instruments with the endurance to withstand the demands of modern marching competition. The marching Brass Series is designed, crafted, and assembled entirely in Thorn, Holland combining traditional techniques with the latest manufacturing methods to deliver superb instruments.
Only the highest quality materials have been used in the creation of these well balanced and lightweight horns, resulting in a product line that players and directors agree has the greatest sound quality on the field.
Proprietary valves are produced with precision cut stainless steel pistons for quick response and years of performance. Custom made durable bracing for strength with attention to ergonomic hand positions,
line of sight windows, and a comfortable balance.
Since 2005, Adams has been creating some of the worlds finest handcrafted Trumpets, Euphoniums, Flugelhorns, and Tubas in its Custom Brass series. Our entire process from selection of materials, cutting, hammering, soldering and polishing owes its roots to craftsmen of a bygone era. Drawing from our many years of experience producing the world’s finest Timpani, we combine that knowledge with our experience and use of modern machinery and techniques.
Adams Marching Brass will elevate your performance with superb intonation, clear projection, enormous power, superior resonance and powerfully projected sound - exactly the qualities demanded by every critical musician on and off the field.