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THU, 29 DEC TO FRI, 30 Dec



A t-shirt is included with your registration!

A t-shirt is included with your registration!

Learn And Perform Alongside Rhythm X!

The Rhythm eXperience is an exciting new clinic from The X Academy and Rhythm X, Inc. that brings you face-to-face with the Rhythm X instructional staff and performers. You'll spend two days alongside Rhythm X - focusing on technique development with our staff, learning how Rhythm X rehearses for success, and even performing for your parents in a special performance with Rhythm X!

During the Rhythm eXperience you will:

  • Rehearse in small sections with the instructional staff of Rhythm X
  • Study the ensemble rehearsals of Rhythm X and learn how we rehearse for success and develop our show
  • Rehearse alongside the performers of Rhythm X on an excerpt of the 2017 Rhythm X program
  • Share meals with the Rhythm X cast
  • Perform alongside Rhythm X in a special family performance

Registration includes:

  • A t-shirt from The X Academy
  • All meals provided - dinner and breakfast
  • Event packet including technique information, exercises, and a modified excerpt of our 2017 show
  • Instruction with the Rhythm X, Inc. instructional staff



  • What to bring:
    • Comfortable clothes (for rehearsal as well as sleeping)
    • Your instrument and all accessories. Drummers, don't forget sticks and a practice pad!
    • The event packet - we'll send the show excerpt to everyone closer to the event.
    • The participant paperwork. You can download it below or find it at the end of the event packet.
    • A sleeping bag and pillow. An air mattress is a great idea too if you have one!
    • A towel, shower gear, your toothbrush, etc. Locker room facilities are available.
    • A water bottle!
  • Also come with a great attitude, ready to be challenged and learn from our cast and staff! 
  • Parents and Family - We'll be hosting a family performance at 12:30p in the main gym. Bring grandma!
  • Schedule
    • Thursday - 29 December
      • 12:30 PM - Check-in
      • Sectionals
      • Dinner (provided)
      • Rehearse w/ Rhythm X!
      • Ensemble w/ Rhythm X!
      • Free Time
      • 11:00 PM - Lights Out (sleeping in school)
    • Friday - 30 December
      • 8:30 AM - Breakfast (provided)
      • 09:30 AM - Stretch & PT
      • Sectionals
      • Rehearse w/ Rhythm X!
      • 12:30 PM - Family Performance w/ Rhythm X!
      • 01:00 PM - Dismiss. See you next year!