Adams Artist Marimba with Rosewood Keys and Endurance Field Frame

Adams Artist Marimba with Rosewood Keys and Endurance Field Frame

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There is no better marimba on the market for marching and concert use! Featuring the finest in craftsmanship and the most beautiful-sounding Rosewood keys you will find at this price. 

We trusted these instruments for our 2014 season and they didn't disappoint. These instruments are used for one season only. They are in excellent condition!

Buying more than one keyboard? Email us at for a quote. 

Important:  You will be contacted concerning pick-up or delivery. Buy it now to secure your instrument!

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Since the inception of Adams marimba production, intonation and clarity of pitch have been paramount considerations. Adams is the only company producing bars meticulously precision tuned though an incredible sixth overtone using a specially designed proprietary computer assisted method. Each bar is hand tuned and adjusted by skilled craftsmen using this proprietary method. This exclusive tuning process gives our Robert Van Sice Artist Model Marimbas the most stable pitch and evenness of sound available and allows Adams complete control over all aspects of the marimba’s sound.

The resonators found on all Artist Series Marimbas are structurally welded for the utmost in strength and isolation from mechanical noises. Each tube is carefully designed to amplify the fundamental note and give you maximum volume, sustain and clarity. Lower register resonators are tunable and each resonator system is mounted on a rubber isolation system to ensure the maximum resonance and eliminate all possible mechanical noise.

Each keyboard comes with a dust-cover and Endurance Field Frame! Buy this keyboard anywhere else and you'll be buying the marching frame separate.