Adams Mahogany Concert Bass Drum

Adams Mahogany Concert Bass Drum


Nothing beats the sound of a Mahogany Bass Drum and Adams designs and manufactures the best there is. Without these bass drums, the Rhythm X shows you love wouldn't have the incredible, full impacts we all love. 

This bass drum is perfect for the marching band or large concert ensemble. 

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Adams Free Suspended Bass drums have a full, resonant sound, and are available in many sizes to meet the distinct needs of all musical genres and ensembles. The free suspended stand has a two piece steel ring that surrounds the Mahogany Shell. The drum hangs freely from a web of rubber mounting bands, allowing the sound to project easily and fully. The drums are available in eight sizes, and each comes standard with 2" wide wooden hoops that are finished in a matching clear lacquer.

The stand's tilting mechanism allows the player to position the drum at any point in a 360 motion, and an integrated footrest reduces fatigue while using a leg for dampening. Fiberskyn III heads come standard for the sonic benefits of calf without the maintenance concerns of natural skin.