Pearl CarbonCore Tenor Drums

Pearl CarbonCore Tenor Drums


You know these drums are the best on the market because we won our third WGI World Championship with these very drums! 

Each drum in this set features 6-ply Maple and an inner ply of carbon fiber to provide the best pronunciation and articulation of almost any percussion instrument.  All of the hardware is top quality and rugged enough to get you through the toughest environments provided by the marching arts.

If that all isn't enough, these drums have a completely custom, hand painted finish designed by our design team for our 2013 production of The Man in the Arena.  

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Important:  You will be contacted concerning pick-up or delivery. This equipment is not available for release until January. Buy it now to secure your instrument!


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Drum Configurations


These drums, used in Rhythm X's 2013 championship season are Pearl's largest tenor drum set (PTIC-680234N/368). The drum sizes are 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", and 14".



CarbonCore Tenor drum shells offer the most expressive and complete sound ever available on the field. The Hybrid shells consist of 6 plies of Maple with an added inner ply of ultra-light Carbon Fiber. The inner ply of Carbon Fiber improves pronunciation and boosts projection across the full dynamic spectrum, while the 6 plies of Maple maintain the great tone and warmth characteristic of Pearl Championship Series. 

Pearl's tenors are scientifically proportioned from diameter to depth, allowing for optimum shell vibration. These shell craftsmanship details continue to define Pearl's legendary tenor sound.