Each year we reach thousands of students in educational events around the world.

We need your help to secure the future of these programs.


Dear Supporter,

In 2002, Rhythm X, Inc. began as a small community percussion ensemble for high school students in the Columbus area. Today we are so much more than that. This past year The X Academy hosted clinics across the world, traveling to Costa Rica, the Netherlands, and Lithuania. Introducing a new clinic program called The Rhythm eXperience, we flew seven outstanding educators to Dallas where they worked with 100 students from around Texas. This fall we saw our largest-ever events of The X Academy. The X17 Audition Clinics hosted several hundred students hoping to earn a spot in our world-class WGI Percussion or Winds ensembles.  We're on track to reach about one-thousand students this year in five countries!

As you might imagine, this venture of ours is not cheap. We will spend more than $30,000 in facility rentals alone, and just last month we had nearly $5,000 in unexpected maintenance costs for out two semi-trailers. Without you we cannot accomplish our lofty goals. 

As we make The X Academy a more global voice for music education, and we further improve the experience of our ensembles' performers, your support is needed more than ever. Every year revenue for merchandise and equipment sales increases, and program revenue from The X Academy is more substantial than ever. Still, the direct contributions of our alumni, parents, and other supporters are a valuable resource that we hope will continue to grow in support of our ambitious future.

      Best Regards,


     Mike Scott
     Rhythm X, Inc.


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