Can anyone audition?

Yes! Well almost anyone... We do not  limit our audition clinics to any skill level. However, we do recommend that you are at least 14 years old and that you are eligible to compete according to the WGI age-out rules. 


When and where are the clinics?

The clinics will be held on September 22nd and October 6th at the Centerville High School in Centerville (Dayton), OH.


How much does it cost?

If you register online before September 8th it's only $100. Included are a T-shirt and a copy of the X20 Technique Packet!

If you register at the door it's $115.


Do I have to attend both audition clinics?

No. You can attend either clinic, the cost covers one or both days. We do, however encourage those seeking a spot in the X20 cast to try and attend both clinics. This allows the staff to have the most opportunity to work with you and determine your fit for the group.


What if I can't attend either date?

If you feel that you are a strong candidate for a spot in a 2020 ensemble but you cannot attend either dates please contact us at


What should I bring to the clinic?


Everyone should bring a binder with the X20 Technique Packet and a pencil. Earplugs aren't a bad idea either.

Those auditioning for the battery/wind sections should bring non-scuffing athletic shoes and athletic clothing for the visual portion of the clinic. Sticks and mallets will be available for use on every percussion instrument except for snare and tenor drums. Horns, bring gloves.


Do I need to bring an instrument?

For Percussion, The X Academy will provide instruments for every section however it is a good idea for snares, tenors, and cymbal players to bring their own equipment. This will guarantee you have an instrument to use all day.

For Winds, The X Academy will provide instruments for everyone except woodwinds. However, if you bring your own horn you will have use of it whenever acceptable throughout the day. 


What happens at the audition clinics?


The X20 Audition Clinics, presented by The X Academy will include three primary settings. You will have time to play just with the sub-section of your choosing (i.e, snares, trumpets front ensemble, etc.), in sectionals (battery, or front ensemble / wind section), and you will have the opportunity for an individual session. This session is optional for those not seeking a spot in the cast. You will play selections from the audition packet and a short demonstration of your skills. 


So if I make it, what is the time commitment?

Rhythm X ensembles rehearse every weekend from November through April (except for holidays). Rehearsals begin on Friday evening and go until Sunday afternoon. Rehearsal times often vary depending on commuting distance and performance times. More information about performance dates will be posted soon.


Where are the rehearsals and performances?

The majority of rehearsals are held in the Dayton area (at or near the location of the X20 Audition Clinics.) The WGI Regionals are held, one weekend each, in Dayton, Indianapolis, and in Kentucky (just south of Cincinnati). The majority of local-circuit performances are in the Dayton area.

Because of this - most members of Rhythm X Percussion and Winds live in the Dayton or Cincinnati areas. There are many carpool systems between members that go through Michigan, Indianapolis, Toledo, & and Columbus.


What about the cost of membership?

Unfortunately, our activity still requires its membership to help fund the program. All told, membership in Rhythm X costs a little more than one thousand dollars: a one-time $115 audition fee, a $1400 program fee. Veteran members receive a $100 program fee discount.

Besides the program costs, cast members are responsible for travel and food costs on the weekends. Rhythm X does provide cast members with meals on performance days. 


Can I be in high school and Rhythm X?

Rhythm X has had many high school cast members in the past. High school membership is limited by several factors. First, Rhythm X seeks the best performers in our art. This level of artistry is often only reached in college-aged students. More importantly, performing in Rhythm X takes a great amount of personal and social responsibility and excellent time-management skills. Both a high level of ability and these personal skills are required for a high school student to be admitted.

Secondly, Rhythm X respects the directives of WGI when it comes to signing a high school student to its cast. High school students must have permission from their parents and high school band director before they are admitted to perform in an independent ensemble. Rhythm X believes in our art and the cultivation of high-quality percussion programs in high schools across the country.


I don't live in or near Ohio, can I perform?

The short answer is yes, anything is possible with commitment. We have had members from all over the country and the world perform at Rhythm X. The question is whether you're able to commute or move closer to Dayton. For instance, we have had members commute from as far away as Delaware and we've had members move from California, Belgium, England, and many other places to live in the Rhythm X area for a few months. Generally Rhythm X rehearses in the Dayton, OH area.

With questions about commuting or relocating contact us at