Welcome to Rhythm X!

Please complete the following items and submit the necessary paper copies at the first rehearsal. Addresses are due Nov 1st!


1. Read the 2020 Member Agreement. Print only the last page and bring to rehearsal if you did not sign at the last clinic. If you are under 18, please make sure your parent signs the contract.

2. Fill out this Member Info Form online.

3. Submit 20 addresses to the fundraising campaign or pay the opt-out fee. (Due November 1st!)

4. Make a copy of your insurance card and photo ID (both sides) and submit a paper copy.

5. Join the Rhythm X, Inc. Slack team. You will receive an email invite to the email address submitted when registering. If you haven’t recieved an email, contact Graham with your current or most used email address.

The first program fee installment as well as the contract deposit invoices will be sent to you online. You can pay it online via credit card or bring a credit card, check, or cash in a labeled envelope to the first rehearsal weekend. 

Have any questions? Email Graham Hopkins or give him a call at (317) 640-0722.



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