An indoor percussion show is great but a custom performance from Rhythm X, Inc. can be so much more! We can provide any instrumentation in any theme. 

Need a drumline with an athletic theme? Done. How about a concert percussion ensemble. Easy. Our designers and performers incredibly versatile and fluent in all musical genres.  



We're proud to have an incredible family of performers as part of our family. You'll find everyone you work with at Rhythm X to be a professional, all have spent most of their lives writing and performing in this idiom and most have even pursued degrees in music performance and education.

Virtually Any Event


We feel comfortable in almost any situation, and if its something we've never put together we'll enjoy the challenge. Let us perform at your athletic event, community festival, street fair, inauguration, grand opening, corporate conference, even a private party! 

Rhythm X was called upon to create a performance that would enhance the client experience for a large corporate event, exceeding our expectations with talent, professionalism and performance. They created a high energy and exciting routine that fit perfectly into the flow of the event with very little direction or notice.   Mike, Tim and cast were absolutely amazing during the process and I look forward to finding an opportunity that allows us to call upon the group again.

- Dariece Kirby-Kline, Producer, Mills James

It's Easy to Book

So you want to bring a dynamic and professional ensemble to your event inexpensively without hassle. We can make that happen! We guarantee a seamless experience. You tell us who, what, when, where, and why and we will take it from there! We try our best to create a tailored performance experience for our events with as little time-consuming effort from our clients as possible.

Still not sure? Let's talk about it! 

It is easy to get ahold of us.


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