Rhythm X Announces Restructuring, Cody Schuster Hired As Director of Operations & Development

Cody Schuster - Director of Operations & Development. Mr. Schuster joined the administrative team in late-2013 as an intern.

Cody Schuster - Director of Operations & Development. Mr. Schuster joined the administrative team in late-2013 as an intern.

DAYTON, OH - Following the end of an enormously successful WGI season at Rhythm X, Inc., the organization is announcing a change in administration. Mike Scott, who has served as the organization’s first Chief Executive Officer since 2014, is stepping aside effective April 30th. However, Mr. Scott is not departing the organization; he will continue to serve the organization as an Executive Advisor and as a member of the nonprofit's Board of Directors

Mike first joined the Rhythm X family as a performer in the 2011 season. Since joining the staff in 2012, Mike has overseen the growth of the organization from the single indoor drumline founded in 2002, to an internationally recognized nonprofit operating the first-ever WGI Winds World Championship ensemble, an Open Class drumline in Europe, the Dragon’s Drumline - a program for Dayton-area high school students, and The Growl - the official drumline of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Taking over the operations management and strategic planning for the organization is Cody Schuster who has been hired as the Director of Operations & Development. Mr. Schuster is no stranger to the organization. He began as a performer in Rhythm X, Inc.’s World Class Percussion Ensemble in 2013, and immediately began working for the company - first as an intern, then as the Programs Manager from late-2014 until today. Cody brings an intimate knowledge of the organization, a passion for performing arts education, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Cincinnati.

Mike Scott, former CEO, addressing the 2015 Percussion and Winds ensembles. It was the inagural year for WGI Winds.

“Leaving my role at Rhythm X, Inc. is difficult. It’s an organization I love, and a group of dedicated educators and performers that I have come to love,” Scott said. “That being said, there is no better person to take the reigns than Cody. He’s an empathetic and passionate leader who loves Rhythm X, Inc. and is fully equipped to envision our future.”

In addition to Cody’s leadership, Tim Fairbanks will continue to serve as the organization’s President and Director of the world-class Percussion ensemble. Steve Mason, who joined the organization in December 2014 and became the co-director of the world-class WGI Winds ensemble in late-2015 will continue to lead Rhythm X’s winds education. Rhythm X, Inc.’s programs are designed by Andrew Markworth, Tim Jackson, and Tim Fairbanks.

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‘Mondrian’ de 2018 production of European X

Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter who lived from 1872-1944, is regarded as one of the best-
known and important painters of the twentieth century. Mondrian is a source of inspiration to
many throughout art, architecture, and design still in the present day.
European X will be telling the story of growth and transformation in art and the artist as society
changes. This is best exemplified through Piet Mondrian’s life, an artist that started with
normal, basic standards and moved on to create his own style, that of which was not accepted
in society at first.

De production of European X can be seen at our 'Try out' and a few events of Colorguard Nederland (CGN):
18 February 2018: 'Try-out' 3pm-4pm Sporthal Almere Buiten
24 February 2018: International Contest Almere
10 March 2018: Contest Leeuwarden
24 March 2018: CGN Championships Eindhoven

Musical selections include:
-Proven Van Stijlkunst: Nr. Iv by Jacob Van Domselaer
-Trois pieces pour piano: Danse by Arthur Honegger
-Rêverie by Claude Debussy.

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Through the Years: Field and Floor FX

Rhythm X, Inc. takes pride in what we do, and those that help us accomplish our goals each and every year.

Since officially partnering with Field and Floor FX in 2015, they've helped many of our dreams become a reality, providing us with floors for our Percussion group, making the first ever Winds Independent World Championship happen, and providing us material for props as well.

Join us as we take a look back through the year, and remember some of our favorite works by Field and Floor FX.


X15 - FFFX

When one door closes

Field and Floor FX provided us with a beautiful stained wood finish floor for our X15 program When One Door Closes. They also gave us vinyl to wrap that allowed for our vision to become a reality, leading to one of the most exciting conclusion to a season in Rhythm X history 




uncharted territory

Uncharted Territory made history as the first Winds Independent World championship, and it couldn't have happened without the support and quality products from sponsors like Field and Floor FX.



the alpha

The Alpha was a fan favorite in 2016, and continues to be one of the most enjoyable shows to come out of the year, that really tried to push what our performers could do.





Field and Floor FX stepped up to the plate to help XWinds bring their program Aurora to life. The gorgeous tarp is one of our favorites and really helped to set Rhythm X apart from everyone else as winds groups continue to form and grow.




looking back

Looking Back was a visual masterpiece, made possible only by the work of Field and Floor FX and their tarps and vinyl used for our props, which helped creating a stark contrasting backdrop that made Looking Back possible.



jumping through loops

Field and Floor FX helped us make Rhythm X history once again in X18 when X Winds won their second ever world championship. Jumping Through Loops pushed the limits of creativity and execution in the activity and we can't wait to continue to do so.

We're incredibly proud of our partnership with Field and Floor, and we can't wait to show the world what we've got in store for X18!