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eXtra Access: Episode 201

eXtra Access is back and it's better than ever! Special thanks to this season's presenting sponsor FJM - Fred J. Miller, Inc. who makes our incredible costuming come to life each year.

Just a reminder, there's two ways you can watch eXtra Access this season:

  1. At the eXtra Access website you'll find a video player with every episode of Season 2 and a link to every episode's blog entry.
  2. On our Youtube Channel. (Be sure to subscribe.)

Without further ado, it's Episode 201 of eXtra Access!

eXtra Access: Episode 112

It's the twelfth episode of eXtra Access, presented by Pearl/Adams! This past weekend X14 was at the WGI Mid-South Championships in Bowling Green, KY. You can read more about their weekend on The X Blog. Look for a recap of our competition weekends there every week. 

Don't forget, you can watch every episode of eXtra Access at rhythmx.org/extraaccess!

eXtra Access: Episode 110

It's already the tenth episode of eXtra Access, presented by Pearl/Adams! It's been an awesome series of episodes and this one is no different. Watch and see some great footage (and audio!) from our dress rehearsal and hear from Rhythm X veteran snare-drummer Joe Woodie. He talks about the content of the battery percussion music and some insight into the X14 production The Razor's Edge.

Remember, you can watch every episode of eXtra Access, presented by Pearl/Adams at rhythmx.org/extraaccess

eXtra Access: Rhythm X Through The Years

We decided to bring you something special in the ninth episode of eXtra Access. Watch and find footage from every Rhythm X WGI World Championships performance including our first season as PIO gold medalists in 2002, our debut in the World Class in 2003, our first PIW medal in 2004 and every season after.

Our fans are the best in the world and you've been with us for so many years. Thanks for your continued support!

Thanks of course goes to Pearl/Adams for their support of eXtra Access and Rhythm X!


eXtra Access: Episode 108

Another Wednesday, another episode of eXtra Access. You asked for video and audio from our recent performances at the WGI Indy Regional and we gave it to you! Watch this week's episode and get some inside information on the design of our 2014 production The Razor's Edge. 

Did you miss the WGI Indy Regional? There are plenty of ways to catch up: you can watch the WGI News Team video montage, read the official WGI recap, read our weekend recap on The X Blog, and even check out the archive of our WGI Regional live blog. We'll be liveblogging every regional, the Mid-South Championships and definitely the World Championships in April!

We've garnered an awesome audience for eXtra Access and we can only hope that it continues to grow. Be sure to share this episode and the eXtra Access website with your friends and followers!

eXtra Access: Episode 107

It's Episode 7 of eXtra Access! We know you've been waiting for another episode. This one is a little late because we launched the new rhythmx.org last week. Take some time and check it out. The new eXtra Access homepage looks awesome and the video player is even bigger. (Did you know that you can play every episode of eXtra Access from the video player?)

This past weekend Rhythm X had its first performance of the X14 season. In this episode you can catch some great footage from rehearsals and a glimpse leading into our first show. Stay tuned: next weekend there's plenty of show footage and some audio for you!