Today @ Rhythm X, Inc.: Wednesday, April 13th


Today, after a full day of rehearsal, European X will perform for the first time in the United States of America! All three ensembles will perform for their friends and families at the Centerville Preview Show. Unfortunately, this event is for families only and is not open to the public. Prior to the show, the full Rhythm X family will enjoy a sit down meal together!

The X Store is setting up today with brand new merchandise! Tomorrow is the first day The X Store will be open and selling X16 Rhythm SeXy shirts. Plan to stop by the WGI Expo tomorrow to get yours!

We are excited to welcome the Commandant's Own Marine Drum & Bugle Corps to Dayton today for their late-night rehearsal at UD Arena. Thank you to the Commandant's Own Marine Drum & Bugle Corps for your service to our country and we can't wait to watch you perform!

Sunset subs. #X16 #thealpha🌕

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Main Events:


  • Who: Percussion + Winds + European X
  • Where: Hara Arena + Game On 
  • When: 9 am - 9 pm

Family + Friends Preview Show

  • Who: Rhythm X families ONLY
  • Where: Centerville High School
  • What: European X's first ever performance in the United States!


  • The X Store opens!
  • PIO Prelims
  • PIW Prelims
  • Rehearsal

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