Field and Floor FX Joins Family of Partners


At Rhythm X, Inc. we take great pride in the companies that we endorse; and we hold our relationships with these companies in the highest regard. Today a new company is joining our family, and we couldn't be more excited. 

Field and Floor FX is the premiere company for custom design elements in drum corps, marching band, and indoor ensembles. If you have watched the DCI or WGI world championships in the last few years you have most certainly seen the work of Field and Floor FX. We have always been impressed with the work of Field and Floor FX and we are honored that they have agreed to partner with us!

We value quality and strive for perfection at Rhythm X, Inc. and our decision to endorse a company isn't taken lightly. The decision to join the Field and Floor FX team came easily and we are confident that our performance ensembles will be better than ever because of their products. 

Mike ScottHamiltonLive