Winds Cast Spotlight: Andrew Rhebergen

Name: Andrew Rhebergen

Instrument: Tuba

Hometown: Roselle, IL

School: Arizona State University & Silver Cross Hospital

Major: Emergency Medical Technician

Job: Barista & EMT-B

Hobbies: Biking, golfing, fishing, really anything involving being outside with other people.

Experience: Blue Stars 2006 , The Cavaliers 2007-2012

Why I came to Rhythm X: To be apart of an organization that is at the forefront of innovation and to be a charter member WGI Winds.

What has my experience at Rhythm X taught me: I learned that no matter what could hold you back from what you want, anything is possible if you really want it.

What would you say to people interested in performing with Rhythm X: Just do it. Put yourself out there and see what happens. The best moments in life are ones that seem impossible; the best feeling in life is realizing they aren't.