WGI Championships Recap

The X14 season is a wrap! Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Rhythm X competed in the WGI World Championships where they won the bronze medal in the World Class competition. You can view the prelims scores here as well as the semi-finals, and finals scores.

After a brief break from rehearsal last Monday, X14 posted-up at Stubbs park in Centerville, Ohio where they had five great days of rehearsal in beautiful weather. 


At the WGI Expo in the parking lot of UD Arena, The X Store had a record-breaking week. Thanks for all your support! This year's Rhythm SeXy shirt sold out in just two days and we sold hundreds of stickers, t-shirts, beanies, and more. The X Store will be online again soon with even more apparel. 

The X14 Drum Raffle ended in great success too. Congrats to the grand prize winner Sam Braverman who won a new Pearl CarbonCore snare drum and TJ Bartley and Cody Sasser who won logo'd drumheads signed by the X14 cast. Garrett Mindaro, Brad Excell, Cathy Lewis Tant, and Cole Lacy won drumsticks from Innovative Percussion!

This year's final lot warm-up had to be one of the most exciting in Rhythm X history. 

This season was an incredible one for Rhythm X. We couldn't have done it without you our supporters and fans. Also, a special thanks goes to our partners, Pearl/Adams, Sabian, Evans Drumheads, FJM, Inc., Innovative Percussion, Planet Waves, D'Addario, and Etymotic Research. Without their help Rhythm X would not operate.