Introducing eXtra Access: Episode 101

Introducing eXtra Access Presented by Pearl/Adams!

We want you - our supporters - to get every bit of the Rhythm X experience during the X14 season and the folks at Pearl/Adams are helping us make it happen. Tune in each Wednesday for a weekend update and keep a look out for behind the scenes content. You'll find the latest eXtra Access episodes on The X Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Best of all, you'll find every episode on the new eXtra Access website which is launching today and free for everyone! 

Now, here's the first episode!

“At Rhythm X our goal isn’t an internal one. We’re working hard every day to ensure that Rhythm X is an icon in our community and has an impact on our activity. Our friends at Pearl/Adams are helping us increase that voice and bring a part of the X14 experience to everyone,” said Mike Scott, Operations Director of the organization.

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