How to Follow Rhythm X at the WGI Mid-South Championship

We try hard at Rhythm X to keep our supporters in the loop. This season we launched eXtra Access, a weekly video series brought to you by Pearl/Adams. We also introduced The X Blog - Live giving fans from all over the world an up-to-the-minute resource for behind the scenes photos and video and a snapshot of the social media conversation. 

We've been able to liveblog at every WGI event during the X14 season and the Mid-South Championships will not be any different. You can tune in to The X Blog live at

There's plenty of other ways to be a part of the X14 experience at the Mid-South Championships:

  • Follow Rhythm X on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We've got an Instagram and Vine accounts too!
  • Tag your posts on social media #X14! We may just re-tweet you or embed your pictures and thoughts on The X Blog - Live
  • Check out this weekend's rehearsal schedule
  • Stop by our booth at the show. The X Store is there with a ton of great merchandise. If you're at the show you have exclusive access to the new Razor's Edge show shirt and custom stamped drumheads from Rhythm X.
  • Can't make it to the booth? You can shop online!