European X and Rhythm X, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

The organizations will share a marketing team and The X Academy.

Today we're tremendously excited to announce an official partnership between Rhythm X, Inc. and European X, an indoor percussion ensemble founded by the IMP Foundation in 2009. European X and Rhythm X have shared a working relationship over the past seven years. Craig Dunn, the organization's founder has worked closely with both groups, and each year Rhythm X staff members travel to the Netherlands to help with the design and instruction of the European X show. This week the organizations formed an official Strategic Partnership that will more closely align the organizations and officially turn the Rhythm X brand into a worldwide project.

“Since our founding, European X has shared a common vision with our American counterpoint. We are excited to officially join forces with Rhythm X, Inc. and work toward our common goals together,” said Michel ten Brummelhuis, Staff Coordinator and Board Secretary of the IMP Foundation.

The new partnership will keep each organization independent from one another, although they will now share a website and marketing team. European X will continue to draw instructional and design staff from Rhythm X, and the organizations will now work more closely on strategic development and cooperative projects. Notably, this partnership extends the scope of The X Academy to Europe. All European X audition and community clinics will be hosted by The X Academy, Rhythm X, Inc.'s newest educational program.

“We’ve always been proud of our friendship with European X. It has been great to see so many Rhythm X alumni and staff members travel to the Netherlands,” said Mike Scott, CEO of Rhythm X, Inc. “Making this partnership official has been a long time coming. I’m thrilled to be joining forces and making the X vision strong on multiple continents!”

Earlier this year, European X announced plans to attend the 2016 WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH. Just over one year from now the X family will have three ensembles at the WGI World Championships, including European X and our new WGI Winds ensemble