Marching Community Comes Together

This week, after an inappropriate tweet from CBS Radio host Jim Rome, marching band students across the country had a unique opportunity to show off their ability to assemble and defend their passion. People of the activity everywhere struck back with the help of two hashtags, “#MarchOnRome” and “#RomeIsBurning."  The latter being the name of Rome’s television show on ESPN. 

After a few hours and over 500 tweets from high school band students, college band students and alumni of all ages, Rome deleted the tweet and apologized for his remark. The comment triggered a response from The Washington Post, Buzzfeed and The Army Field Band. It also welcomed a tweet from The National Association of Music Education commending all students of music for their hard work and what it means to them. 

Despite the negativity shown by Jim Rome, Oregon University’s head coach showed their band a great amount of respect. Coach Helfrich boarded the Oregon Marching Band’s plane during an unfortunate delay on the tarmac and recognized the marching band with Heisman winner Marcus Mariota saying “We appreciate everything you guys do, it’s awesome. Thanks a lot for everything you do, seen and unseen.” There are a lot of people out there that respect band students, many of which are involved in sports in some way.

It is unfortunate that a conflict-prone sports reporter would take a shot at the activity, but there was an impressive defense from a group of people that is not often given the respect it deserves. The comradery between band kids is natural. It grows as time goes on and includes an unending compassion for performers everywhere.  We think they’re cool, Jim. 


Andy Schamma