eXtra Access: Episode 303

The last couple of weeks at Rhythm X, Inc. has been pretty busy. Our two US competitive ensembles are working really hard to develop some pretty incredible material for their 2016 WGI shows. The X Academy hosted a clinic alongside a Rhythm X rehearsal weekend on December 19th where more than 40 marching cymbal players came to play and learn alongside the Rhythm X Plateline. The Growl has also had a few performances at the home games of The Cincinnati Bengals. Who Dey!

We're usually pretty pumped this time of year with the 2016 WGI season fast approaching. This year we seem to be more excited than ever with The Bengals playing well, the Dragons Drumline season approaching, The X Academy clinics in planning, and both our WIW and PIW shows well underway. 

Check out some cool footage from last week's four-day New Year's Camp in Episode 303 of eXtra Access, presented by FJM - Fred J. Miller.

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Mike Scott