eXtra Access: Episode 108

Another Wednesday, another episode of eXtra Access. You asked for video and audio from our recent performances at the WGI Indy Regional and we gave it to you! Watch this week's episode and get some inside information on the design of our 2014 production The Razor's Edge. 

Did you miss the WGI Indy Regional? There are plenty of ways to catch up: you can watch the WGI News Team video montage, read the official WGI recap, read our weekend recap on The X Blog, and even check out the archive of our WGI Regional live blog. We'll be liveblogging every regional, the Mid-South Championships and definitely the World Championships in April!

We've garnered an awesome audience for eXtra Access and we can only hope that it continues to grow. Be sure to share this episode and the eXtra Access website with your friends and followers!