Give-a-Day Address Entry

DUE: OCTOBER 28, 2018

This season all members are required to submit 25 addresses to our Give-a-Day campaign. Please provide 25 addresses that are not your parents' or other Rhythm X cast members'. Putting a concerted effort into providing addresses of friends and family who are interested in supporting you and this organization will go a long way to our financial success this season. 

You will earn 20% of all funds that are raised from the letters that you send! All you have to do is provide these addresses and notes. We'll send the letters and cut you a check! Entering more than 25 addresses increases the amount of money you may yield. Last year some members earned more than $500 towards their fees from this fundraiser!

Opt Out and Pay $150

If you do not wish to complete your march-a-thon you can pay $150.00. Just choose the buy-out option to the right and checkout to complete payment. 

If you would like to enter more than 25 addresses just refresh the page and enter as many more as you would like! Keep track of the number of addresses you've inputted as you enter them. You're responsible for completing all 25 by October 28th.

In April we will report your total earnings and write you a check for 20% of your letters' earnings.