Critically acclaimed and instantly recognizable, Loose has been a part of the Rhythm X warm-up repertoire for many years. Now you can download your own PDF copy in score and individual parts!

Written by Rhythm X Battery Coordinator and Arranger, Tim Jackson, Loose features a driving 8th note pattern working between various accent techniques and stroke types. Loose is an etude which features the perfect combination of warm-up techniques and musical expression. 

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Get the score, see how the parts fit together, and learn it with your other drumline friends!

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Snare Part

Our most popular online download! Get the part that everyone wants to know how to play.

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Battle Without Honor Or Humanity, from Kill Bill Vol. 1

Please keep in mind that Loose is owned by its arranger Tim Jackson and that the sharing or resale of these files is illegal. Please respect Tim, Rhythm X, and the musical community by buying your own copy and encouraging others to do the same.