Today @ Rhythm X, Inc.: Monday, April 11th


Today, European X has a full day of rehearsal time in preparation for WGI Championships, while Percussion and Winds take a day off to return to their daily lives before the full-time WGI week begins. European X is excited to have so much quality rehearsal time with their Program Coordinator and Battery Arranger, Tom Gasparrini, as well as drill and visual designer, Tim Fairbanks and front ensemble arranger, Andrew Markworth while they are here in the United States. European X is under the direction of Erik de Vries and Michel ten Brummelhuis.

Last night, the entire #XFam participated in History Night together, watching videos and learning about the history of Rhythm X, Inc., as well as receiving their new X Numbers. Each year the members and alumni of Rhythm X change their profile pictures to their specific X Number, so keep your eye out for them!

More than 150 in attendance between Percussion, Winds, European X, staff, and alumni at History Night.Quite an awesome experience having the entire family together for the first time ever!#XFam #X16 #eX16

Posted by Rhythm X on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Main Events:


  • Who: European X
  • Where: Game On Cincinnati
  • When: 9 am - 9 pm


  • The start of full-time WGI Week for all three ensembles!

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