Today @ Rhythm X, Inc.: Sunday, April 10th


Today, all three Rhythm X ensembles will rehearse all day long in preparation for WGI World Championships. Percussion, Winds, and European X will continue to refine and define elements of their unique productions. After months of dedicating every weekend to countless rehearsals and shows, Rhythm X is ready to take on WGI World Championships week. The members will also participate in Rhythm X History Night tonight, watching videos, discussing, and learning about the history and growth of our organization over the years. This night is a very special one for the members and staff and we are thrilled to be able to include European X for the first time at History Night.

Main Events:


  • Who: Percussion + Winds + European X
  • Where: Middletown MS
  • When: 9 am - 9 pm


  • European X Rehearsal

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