2013 Drum Raffle

Want to have a brand new, custom designed, Pearl CarbonCore snare drum or tenor drum set in your house? Starting today, Rhythm X is running a raffle where two grand prize winners will walk home from the WGI World Championships with a brand new drum designed especially for our 2013 program! The drums come fully outfitted with Evans drumheads, and an Innovative Percussion stick bag and pair of Tim Fairbanks Signature marching sticks

X13 Snare Thumb.jpeg

Two second prize winners will win a signed Rhythm X logo head from Evans Drumheads and five third prize winners will win logo'd Tim Fairbanks Signature sticks from Innovative Percussion!

Enter now online or grab an entry ticket at the Rhythm X booth at any X13 performance! There is no limit to your number of entries.

Click here for more information.