Rhythm X and Etymotic Research

Hearing protection is one of those things that all percussionists know they need to use but one of the first things we all forget about. Every drummer has gotten home after practice and found their ears ringing only to show up next week without hearing protection. Etymotic Research is making waves in the marching band and indoor drumline world by making it easier than ever to have high-fidelity hearing protection with you at a reasonable cost. 

Last year Rhythm X teamed up with Etymotic Research as a member of its Adopt-A-Band program. We provided all of our members with ETY•Plugs® and encouraged all members and staff to wear them at rehearsals and (for consistency) performance. Their great because they are an incredibly great earplug at a low cost. They last forever and they come with a case, key chain, and even a cord to hang around your neck. Pretty much any percussionist without the budget for a custom earplug or Etymotic's new Music•PRO® electronic earplugs should have a pair. 

ETY•Plugs® come with a Rhythm X case, a key chain, a neck cord and two high-fidelity earplugs.

ETY•Plugs® come with a Rhythm X case, a key chain, a neck cord and two high-fidelity earplugs.

This year we're selling ETY•Plugs® with a Rhythm X case on The X Store! Just like our Rhythm X branded snare sticks from Innovative Percussion, you can now have the best hearing protection available and sport Rhythm X gear at the same time! The $14 you spend on these plugs is sure to be one of the most important purchases you make! They go on sale today and come in two sizes: Standard Fit and Large Fit. I tried the large at first but it turns out that I, like most people, will find the Standard to create the deepest and most effective seal.

Etymotic also supplied Tim Fairbanks and I a pair of the new Music•PRO® high-fidelity electronic earplugs. Designed for musicians, they have amazing adaptive noise reduction technology that allows you to hear at normal levels until safe levels are exceeded. Look for a review on The X Blog after we've given them more field time. So far they're pretty awesome.