Introducing The X Store 2.0

The X Store is back and it's better than ever! To start, you'll find great products from Rhythm X and our affiliates integrated right into our website! Buying gear is now just as easy as it was to register for the X14 Audition Clinics or download the packet! In fact, you can still download the 2014 Technique Packet along with the famous battery etude, Loose. 

More products will be added later but we've started by making our premium venture with Lot Riot available online today! The Rhythm X limited edition shirt by Lot Riot is a premium cotton t-shirt designed by Rhythm X, made by Lot Riot, and worn by drummers everywhere! Lot Riot provides quality, designer clothing for drummers and they're great friends. Purchase the limited edition shirt now before they're all sold. 

Visit the new-and-imporoved store at

Mike ScottComment