Rhythm X Is Coming To WGI Winds!

In 2015 you'll find Rhythm X in two arenas! Rhythm X is coming to the new WGI Winds Division with a brand new marching wind ensemble. 

At Rhythm X we take pride in our voice and we can't wait to bring it to a whole new genre. Since 2002 we have been competing in WGI with our percussion ensemble and hundreds of amazing musicians and teachers have been a part. Now we'll do the same with the best wind players we can find! We're looking forward to bringing together both sides of this activity under one roof. We'll bring the same innovation, quality, and entertainment you've found in our percussion shows. What's more - with The X Academy - we'll bring amazing educational content to the world of percussion and winds.

Just like the percussion ensemble, this group will be playing the best equipment available thanks to the Pearl/Adams family. Today, we're excited to announce a new partnership with Adams Marching Brass, and extension of the amazing custom brass instruments made by Adams in Europe for years.

You can learn more at rhythmx.org/winds. We'll be posting audition information soon but you can expect it to be the same time and place as the percussion auditions: likely two Sundays in late October. Until then, the best thing you can do is join the conversation! Share this news with your friends: Rhythm X is joining the wind community! 

Read the press release for this announcement here. 

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