We're Searching For The X15 Interns!

Last year we brought on our first team of interns and they were awesome! (We even hired two of them.) We're bringing back the intern program this year and it will be bigger and better than the last! Interested? You should download the job summary then send your resume, a headshot, and - if you're applying for a media internship - several photo and/or video examples to mike@rhythmx.org.

Filming a 2014 episode of  eXtra Access .

Filming a 2014 episode of eXtra Access.

Our intern team last year was instrumental to the success of our organization. They helped produce the first ever season of eXtra Access - a video series supported by Pearl/Adams - worked with our contacts at our amazing partner companies, helped fit and size uniforms, ensured the cast was fed on show days, made tons of shopping trips to buy everything from parts of our set to Gatorade, helped with web design, wrote the weekly wrap-ups on The X Blog, ran our social media accounts, and much more! All in all, the X15 interns are guaranteed to work in fast-paced, innovative, and exciting environment at one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking music education non-profits in the world. Maybe most exciting of all, the X15 interns will be along as we field our new ensemble in the WGI Winds World Class! Along with our administration, the new interns will navigate all of the challenges of a brand new ensemble. It is sure to be a great experience.

If this program sounds awesome to you, gather up your resume, a headshot, and - if you'd like - some letters of recommendation and send them to Mike Scott, Operations Director via mike@rhythmx.org. You should also download the job description posting. If you're interested in a media position please send some of your favorite shots (any genre) and if you have any video content you've produced, send that as well. We're also interested in candidates who have graphic design experience. Send along samples if you have any!