Rhythm X + Lot Riot

There's exciting news for Rhythm X, Lot Riot, and percussionists everywhere. Rhythm X is proud to announce that Lot Riot - our activity's premiere clothing brand - will be presenting the X14 Clinics including the X14 Audition Clinics!  

RX-LR Red.png

For years Rhythm X has been providing quality, open-to-the-public audition clinics, presentations, and play-along clinics to percussionists of all skill levels. We're incredibly excited to start a new chapter of this storied tradition alongside Lot Riot. We've got a lot planned for the X14 Clinics - and beyond - including workshops for instructors, directors and designers, beginner clinics, and more.

The guys at Lot Riot care about the same things we do, they're drummers and fans of the activity.  We couldn't be more thrilled to have them on board as a sponsor and we're excited for you to see all the we have in store. You may even see a Rhythm X signature t-shirt...

For more information about the X14 Audition Clinics, sign-up for our audition e-mailer and follow us on Twitter. More info will be announced next week.

Lot Riot

Lot Riot