TreeWorks Chimes' Newest Addition to X14

X14 is excited about the addition of two brand new Double Row Classic Chimes and a 3-Dimensional Triple Triangle to the backfield auxiliary percussion section, thanks to TreeWorks Chimes. Rhythm X is proud of our partnership with TreeWorks Chimes and values the high quality of the instruments. The total of four Double Row Classic Chimes included in the backfield auxiliary percussion section truly round out the sound and add a unique element to the X14 program, The Razor's Edge. Listen and look for these special additions to the auxiliary percussion section throughout the rest of the X14 performance tour! Thanks, Tree Works!

Rhythm X Endorses Digimet

Yesterday the Rhythm X staff met with Jerry West, founder and president of Digimet Metronomes. Jerry drove all the way from Oklahoma to Ohio to deliver us our new D4 remote-controlled metronome and show us how to use it! We are very excited to start what will surely be another excellent partnership between Rhythm X and a company that offers amazing products to the music education industry. 

The D4 outdoor metronome

Digimet offers unique line of remote-controlled metronomes with a loudspeaker built in. Their outdoor products are perfect for the marching band, drum corps, and indoor drumline activities. They also offer a smaller unit suitable for indoor music settings such as a band room or chamber group. 

The Digimet website has this to say about their innovative metronomes:,

Our product line is specifically designed to help you achieve precision and cohesion- from the beginners in your program to your most advanced ensemble. We help you maximize rehearsal efficiency through metronomes that are remote controllable, programmable, and easy to use.

At Rhythm X we are committed to setting a standard in music education and we  are excited to join forces with Digimet as a company with similar goals!