X15 Audition Clinics

Twitter Takeover

After an extremely successful two weekends of audition clinics hosted by The X Academy, fans from all across the country expressed their excitement via a frenzy of tweets Sunday night into Monday over the announcement of the X15 Percussion cast and overall experience at the clinics. We could hardly keep up with all the notifications and were thrilled to hear such positive feedback from the weekend and for the upcoming performance tour! Read on to hear what fans, new cast members, and clinic attendees had to share.

The rumors are true: our numbers are higher than ever and we're just as excited as you are!

We are so thankful to all those who came out to the audition clinics hosted by The X Academy! It seems everyone had a great time and hopefully benefited from the past two weekends, learning from our talented staff and each other. We had a lot of extremely talented musicians join us these past two weeks! Stay tuned for more events hosted by The X Academy throughout the X15 Performance Tour!

Congratulations to all those who made the group- we're greatly looking forward the X15 Performance Tour with the Percussion Ensemble!

Hundreds of notifications rolled in on Sunday and we were so thrilled to hear from our awesome fans and supporters! We love hearing from you, so continue being a part of the conversation throughout the X15 Performance Tour by tweeting at us @RhythmX and tagging your posts #X15 or on Facebook  and Instagram

The X15 Audition Clinics Recap

Rhythm X and The X Academy held a successful series of audition clinics over the past two weeks. Both the percussion ensemble and our new world-class wind ensemble found some incredibly talented individuals to join the cast. Also great, was the turnout of incredible students from around the world who attended just to learn from our incredible educational team. 

You can learn more about our upcoming clinic and performance tour at rhythmx.org/schedule.

The X15 Audition Clinics, presented by The X Academy!

It's that time again! Each year we hold audition clinics - open to the public - for anyone regardless of age or playing ability. If you want to be a part of the Rhythm X cast then this is your chance! If you're just looking to learn from our incredible staff then you're welcome too! 

There are two exciting changes to this year's clinics. First, our new project The X Academy is taking over! From now on, all clinic events will be hosted by The X Academy, our new educational wing. Secondly, we're adding winds! We're looking for the best wind players in the activity to be a part of the inaugural season of WGI Winds. If you are a wind player we want to see you at the X15 Audition Clinics!

The clinics will be held on two Sundays: October 12th and 19th at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The clinics start at 10 AM and check-in begins at 9 AM. 


You can register for the clinics at rhythmx.org/audition and most of your questions are answered on the FAQs page. Other questions? Just email us at join@rhythmx.org.

Whether you're going or not, join in on the hype! Our Facebook Cover Photo and a poster are below. You can download the PDF of the poster here.

Facebook Cover Photo

Audition Poster. (Download a PDF here.)