MEPA Nutter Center Recap

Rhythm X had a successful weekend with all groups finishing in first place, and we can't wait for the next show. The Percussion Ensemble took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent a day outside. 

Evening tracking #X17

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We had some fans pop into Winds rehearsal on Saturday! All of Rhythm X's rehearsals are open to the public and we love having your support. 

Rhythm X Percussion premiered their tarp thanks to our family at Field & Floor FX

Rhythm X Winds had an awesome showing as well and are continuing to add to their show. 

Thank you MEPA for hosting the show, check out Rhythm X Inc.'s entire schedule to keep up with the season. Click here for percussion and winds recaps.

Looking to score some Rhythm X gear? The X Store will be at all shows so you can stock up on X merchandise. Be on the look out for new gear soon!

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MEPA Nutter Center Show Recap

Both Rhythm X ensembles had a fantastic, sunny weekend in Dayton, Ohio, including a performance at the MEPA Nutter Center show. With beautiful weather, solid rehearsals, and an awesome crowd at the Nutter Center, both ensembles had great success taking home two first-place scores. View the recaps for Percussion and Winds.

The Winds performed their full show, Aurora for the first time at MEPA Nutter Center, wow-ing the crowd with a full, breathtaking sound. The Percussion continued adding to their show, The Alpha, releasing their inner wolves, ending the show with the crowd joining in a full howl. 

Temperatures reached 70 degrees and both ensembles were excited to be able to rehearse and warm up outside in February! Make sure to come check us out in warm up at shows, especially when we're in the lot, for an inside look at Rhythm X.  We welcome any fans and supporters to come hang in the lot with us! If you're not at the show, keep an eye on our Twitter for the link to a live stream on Periscope. 

Battery warming up in the lot! Come check us out at MEPA Nutter Center! #X16 #thealpha󾀕

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Thanks to our friends at Field and Floor FX, Rhythm X is excited to reveal our brand new decals for our semi-trailers. It is now easier than ever to come find and support Rhythm X in the lot. Stop by to take a selfie for a killer new profile picture!

Fans and supporters were able to purchase all their favorite Rhythm X gear at The X Store, including Etymotic Ear Plugs, Tim Fairbanks and Tim Jackson Signature Innovative Percussion sticks, and apparel. The X Store will be open at the WGI Indianapolis Regional and WGI Mid-South Championships, so stop by and get your gear!

Winds and Percussion will compete next at the WGI Indianapolis Regional on March 5th and 6th. In the meantime, keep up with us and reach out on social media including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Periscope. Don't forget to use our #X16 hashtags either! #thealpha🌕 #aurora🌌

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eXtra Access: The Birth of a Rhythm X Uniform

Video by: Adam Kimak | Article by: Mike Scott
Special Thanks to Marlene Miller, Byron Valentine, Scott Winters, Tim Fairbanks, and the entire FJM organization.

Each year the cast, staff, and designers of Rhythm X spend thousands of hours developing the show that fans see at the WGI World Championships in Dayton. For most, the work of the cast and staff is what amazes and inspires fans each year. However, while all that hard work is an incredible feat of musicianship, hard work, and dedication there is another equally incredible process happening much farther behind the scenes. It too includes thousands of hours of work from designers, and people passionate about their craft. This is the work of Fred J. Miller, Inc. 

Marlene Miller, President/CEO of FJM, Inc.

Marlene Miller, President/CEO of FJM, Inc.

This week’s episode of eXtra Access takes us on a short journey that just barely scratches the surface of the design and construction of the Rhythm X uniforms. FJM is the exclusive uniform provider of Rhythm X, Inc. supplying both the Percussion and the Winds uniforms. The organizations have a rich history together - having worked together on the development of what we now recognize as an “indoor drumline” costume.

Rhythm X and FJM joined forces first in 2004. Rhythm X, Inc. President and then Program Coordinator and Designer Tim Fairbanks had recently begun working with FJM on uniforms for the Centerville High School Indoor Drumline. The "Rhythm X Performance Ensemble” joined the duo and the 2004 uniform was created for the show AudioVisual. Until this point, the world of indoor drumline uniforms was a collage of outdoor marching band uniforms and homemade costuming. It was the collaboration between Rhythm X and FJM, Inc. that spawned the idea of taking a Cesario jacket (made for outdoor marching band and drum corps) and using the pattern on materials being used indoor. This method is still used today for most indoor instrumental uniforms.

Today, FJM has grown to become the most influential designer and manufacturer of costuming for bands, drum corps, color guards, and indoor instrumental ensembles. Rhythm X, Inc. now works each year with FJM designer Byron Valentine to create the uniforms you see on the Percussion and Winds World-Class stage. Once the design process is complete, FJM begins the arduous task of constructing a uniform made-to-measure for each individual performer of both ensembles. This process includes an array of incredible digital tools, automated cutting, and computer-generated coordination as well as a remarkable amount of man-made work. 

Take this year’s percussion uniform as an example. Each uniform you see in the X15 production When One Door Closes… is a completely unique creation. Every piece of piping and screen printed fabric is trimmed by hand, then also sewn by hand. Because each uniform is a unique pattern and each performer wears a different size, the individual work done by a real person in order to make this uniform complete is astounding.

With the development of digital screen printing, the uniforms of FJM have become all the more refined and customizable. In 2013 Rhythm X performed the show The Man in the Arena where the words of Roosevelt’s famous speech were printed along the coat-tails and jacket. This year you will find screen printing all over the Percussion uniform and along the pants and jacket of the Winds uniform, for their show Uncharted Territory. This digitally printed fabric must be cut by hand so that the pattern is in the correct orientation, then sewn together with the rest of the parts to create a completed costume.

Without the incredible support and unequivocal quality of FJM costumes, the performance ensembles of Rhythm X, Inc. would not be what they are today. The success of Percussion, and the sensational start of Winds at Rhythm X is due in part to the tremendous relationship that Rhythm X has shared with FJM over the years.

Rhythm X, Inc. President Tim Fairbanks and CEO Mike Scott tour the FJM facilities with President/CEO Marlene Miller. 

Etymotic's Music-Pro Electronic Earplugs

Etymotic Research is a company most percussionists have heard of. Lately they've been making waves in the press and their adopt-a-band program has been promoting hearing protection to young musicians all over the country. 

While their ETY•Plugs® are the go-to product for performing musicians, concert goers, and anyone who understands the damage a loud environment can do, Etymotic provides a solution that takes hearing protection to a new level. The Music•PRO High-Definition Electronic Earplugs are an electronic earplug that allows you to hear naturally at normal levels until sounds of a dangerous level occur. The beauty of these earplugs is that you are provided with the exact amount of protection needed but only when you need it.