Show Recap

WGI Mid-South Championships Show Recap

Another ground-breaking weekend for Rhythm X is in the books! Winds broke 90! You can view the Prelims Recap and Finals Recap , and the Percussion premiered the final layer of their uniforms this weekend. Here is the Percussion Prelims Recap & Finals Recap.  A huge thank you to FJM for the incredible Aurora uniforms.

Photo Credit: Jon Braude

Photo Credit: Jon Braude

Photo Credit: Jon Braude

Photo Credit: Jon Braude

New merchandise has arrived in The X Store! We're already sold out of the vintage black pocket tee and vintage heather-grey crewneck but we will have more in stock online and at shows soon!

Thank you Trigg County Schools for hosting us this weekend, we truly appreciate you opening up your school for rehearsals and meals.  Also, we cannot express how grateful we are for our parent volunteers as well, they help us provide meals on every show day for the entire season.  Thank you for your continuous support of this activity. 


Rhythm X is on Facebook LIVE! every weekend so you can watch us from anywhere in the world. We will have live streams going throughout the season to keep the fans in the action. 

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat too! Stay tuned every weekend to be in the action of #X16. 

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Sequential Cymbals #TheAlphaπŸŒ• #X16

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Next weekend Rhythm X is at it again at the MEPA Hamilton show near Cincinnati while European X is headed to CGN Finals in Almere.  

WGI Indianapolis & CGN Franeker Show Recap

This past weekend was really successful for the Rhythm X, Inc. performance ensembles! Competing at the WGI Indianapolis Regional, both Percussion and Winds took home first place with high scores and Percussion breaking 90! European X competed at CGN (Color Guard Netherlands) Contest Franeker, also taking home first place in Open Class Percussion with a score of 87.25. Check out the recaps below:

  1. WGI Indy -  Percussion Prelims and Finals Recap
  2. WGI Indy - Winds Prelims and Finals Recap
  3. CGN Contest Franeker - Recap

Competing against another CGN Champion, European X took home first place by a solid 3.5 points performing their production, "EXpress." Their big trip across the world to WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio in April is coming up soon and we cannot wait to have the whole Rhythm X family together for a whole week!

1st place with a score of 87.25 #eX16

Posted by European X on Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thanks to Fred J. Miller, Inc., both the Percussion and Winds received parts of their awesome new uniforms for the show this past weekend. The Winds' black uniforms, with pops of color and a little bit of sparkle, both complement and contrast "the prettiest tarp in WGI Winds," as well as our gorgeous Adams Brass instruments. The Percussion uniform continues to evolve with the addition of torn and textured shirts, custom designed by FJM's Byron Valentine for "The Alpha."

Prelims & Finals - First-Place Finish

Posted by Jon Braude Photography on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Another shout-out to one of our amazing sponsors, Pageantry Innovations, for our 3 new electronics carts, giving us an easier and more attractive way to transport our electronics equipment. We currently have two carts available for pre-sale, visit our Pre-Sale if you are interested!

The X Store was open once again at the WGI Indy Regional with apparel, X-Plugs, water bottles, and Tim Jackson and Tim Fairbanks Signature Innovative Percussion sticks. Keep your eye out for brand new merchandise next weekend at The X Store booth at WGI Mid-South Championships in Bowling Green, KY! Get it at the regional before it's even put online!

A huge thank you to the parents and volunteers who provided meals for the members of Rhythm X this past weekend helping fuel them through the regional. Everyone at Rhythm X greatly appreciates your endless support and generous donations. Another thank you to Franklin Central for housing both ensembles at the Franklin Central Annex, with great facilities, awesome staff, and convenient location to the show!

Next weekend, both Rhythm X Percussion and Winds will be competing at WGI Mid-South Championships at E.A. Diddle Arena in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Come see us perform and keep up with the ever-evolving productions, "The Alpha" and "Aurora" - no two shows are ever the same! Visit The X Store booth to be the first to get the all new 2016 Rhythm X Merch! Hopefully we will see you all there, but if not, tune into Facebook Live to stream Rhythm X warm up in real-time! Check out our live warm-up feed from this past weekend below:

Percussion Warm-Up #X16 #thealpha󾀕

Posted by Rhythm X on Saturday, March 5, 2016

#X16    #thealphaπŸŒ•       #aurora🌌  

Weekend Recap - European X, Dragons Drumline, & More!

This past weekend was a busy one across the globe for Rhythm X, Inc. European X attended (and won!) the WGI Almere Regional, The X Academy hosted the Dragons Drumline Audition Clinic at Fifth Third Field in Downtown Dayton, and both the US Winds and Percussion group had three-day rehearsals in Bellbrook and Mason, Ohio.

European X competed in their first WGI Regional in Almere, Netherlands, taking home a first place finish with an impressive score of 87.4! View the Prelims Recap and Finals Recap. They performed their production "EXpress," featuring several additions from their recent consultation with Rhythm X, Inc. designer and President, Tim Fairbanks. The colorful drum slips are the awesome work of ON2 Percussion, paired with none other than Pearl Drums. European X also took over the Rhythm X Snapchat, so keep your eye out for a glimpse of the Netherlands on all social media!

1st place with a score of 87.4, European WGI Regional Champion! #eX16

Posted by European X on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back here in the States, it was also a big weekend for the Dragons Drumline with the Dragons Drumline Audition Clinic presented by The X Academy at Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Ohio. Dozens of students from Dayton and Cincinnati came out to participate in the audition clinics with the hope of being a part of the best minor league baseball drumline in the area, and to learn from world-class instructors. Students spent the day playing several exercises and cadences and receiving feedback from Dragons Drumline Director Zac Jansheski and Rhythm X clinicians Jared Kortz and Alex McIntosh. Heater - the team mascot -  even stopped by to join in the fun! Contracted members will attend a signing event this upcoming Wednesday with the Dragons Drumline at Fifth Third Field. 

Heater came to audition for the Dragons Drumline but we're not really sure we have an X Academy shirt that will fit him...#dragonsdrumlineσΎ‡ž

Posted by Rhythm X on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Meanwhile in Dayton and Cincinnati, Percussion and Winds rehearsed all weekend refining, cleaning, and producing their productions "The Alpha" and "Aurora" in preparation for the WGI Indianapolis Regional next weekend, March 5-6. Come see us next weekend to keep up with all the exciting happenings with both ensembles!

#X16 #thealphaπŸŒ•

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For the most current and exciting updates on the programs of Rhythm X, Inc., follow us on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Periscope! Remember to use our X16 hashtags and signature emojis to join in the conversation! #X16 #thealphaπŸŒ• #aurora🌌 

See you next weekend at WGI Indianapolis! 

MEPA Nutter Center Show Recap

Both Rhythm X ensembles had a fantastic, sunny weekend in Dayton, Ohio, including a performance at the MEPA Nutter Center show. With beautiful weather, solid rehearsals, and an awesome crowd at the Nutter Center, both ensembles had great success taking home two first-place scores. View the recaps for Percussion and Winds.

The Winds performed their full show, Aurora for the first time at MEPA Nutter Center, wow-ing the crowd with a full, breathtaking sound. The Percussion continued adding to their show, The Alpha, releasing their inner wolves, ending the show with the crowd joining in a full howl. 

Temperatures reached 70 degrees and both ensembles were excited to be able to rehearse and warm up outside in February! Make sure to come check us out in warm up at shows, especially when we're in the lot, for an inside look at Rhythm X.  We welcome any fans and supporters to come hang in the lot with us! If you're not at the show, keep an eye on our Twitter for the link to a live stream on Periscope. 

Battery warming up in the lot! Come check us out at MEPA Nutter Center! #X16 #thealpha󾀕

Posted by Rhythm X on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thanks to our friends at Field and Floor FX, Rhythm X is excited to reveal our brand new decals for our semi-trailers. It is now easier than ever to come find and support Rhythm X in the lot. Stop by to take a selfie for a killer new profile picture!

Fans and supporters were able to purchase all their favorite Rhythm X gear at The X Store, including Etymotic Ear Plugs, Tim Fairbanks and Tim Jackson Signature Innovative Percussion sticks, and apparel. The X Store will be open at the WGI Indianapolis Regional and WGI Mid-South Championships, so stop by and get your gear!

Winds and Percussion will compete next at the WGI Indianapolis Regional on March 5th and 6th. In the meantime, keep up with us and reach out on social media including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Periscope. Don't forget to use our #X16 hashtags either! #thealphaπŸŒ• #aurora🌌

Breathtaking. #companyfront @rhythmxinc #WGIwinds #MEPApride #MEPA2016 #X16

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WGI Dayton Regional Recap

This past weekend Rhythm X Winds and Percussion performed at the first WGI Regional of the X16 Performance Tour in Dayton, Ohio. Both ensembles earned first place in their class in both prelims and finals. View the Percussion Prelims Recap and Finals Recap. View the Winds Prelims Recap and Finals Recap.

Percussion performed their show The Alpha, featuring the iconic birch trees and wolf personas. Winds performed their show Aurora, featuring the music of John Mackey's Aurora Awakes and what is quickly becoming know as "the prettiest tarp in WGI Winds."

Prettiest floor in all of #WGI winds! #mepapride #wgidayton

Posted by The Mid East Performance Association on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rhythm X fans were able to stock up on merchandise this weekend with the first full appearance of The X Store on the X16 Performance Tour. Beanies and hoodies flew off the shelves in the cold, snowy climate of the weekend! Make sure to stop by The X Store to try out and get your own pair of Tim Fairbanks and Tim Jackson's Signature Innovative Percussion Sticks stamped with the classic Rhythm X logo.

The X Store is open at the WGI Dayton Regional Percussion Finals today! Stop by, say hey, and get some merch!

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MEPA Championships Show Recap

Rhythm X had a successful weekend in Hamilton, taking gold in both Percussion and Winds. You can review the Winds prelims and finals scores, as well as Percussion prelims and finals scores. 

A huge thank you to Lebanon High School Indoor Drumline for helping us move our props on and off to the floor- your help was greatly appreciated!. Congratulations to Lebanon and all of the other groups for an amazing show weekend, and a big thanks to MEPA for putting on a great season for us all. 

The weather in Hamilton was beautiful this weekend and we are so happy that our fans can come to the lot outside to watch us warm up. Having support in the lot before a show ignites an energy in the groups that is a vital component to our performances. Be sure to find us in the lot at WGI Championships coming up in Dayton, Ohio!

If you can not make it to the lot in person, we have added yet another exciting way for our fans to follow Rhythm X! Meerkat is the perfect, and free, way to watch the warm ups of both Rhythm X ensembles on show day. Simply download Meerkat on your phone and watch our Twitter and Facebook for the link to the live stream of both the Percussion and Winds warm-ups. 

Also, keep up with show days via Instagram and add us on Snapchat at 'rhythmxinc'! 

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Only two more weeks until WGI Finals in Dayton, OH, that means less than 14 days to enter in the chance to win a Pearl CarbonCore marching snare drum, and design your very own wrap from ON2 Percussion. 

We would like to thank the parents and friends of Rhythm X, Inc. for supporting us throughout the season by donating food for the groups on show weekends. We are grateful for your dedication and help with the organization- the members could not do any of this without you!

Can't wait to see you all at WGI World Championships in just 2 short weeks!

WGI Mid-South Championships Show Recap

Rhythm X Winds and Percussion both had a very successful weekend at Mid-South Championships. You can view the Winds prelims and finals scores here, along with the Percussion prelims and finals scores. It was our busiest weekend yet in the X15 Performance Tour with taking our 84 performers, full staff, interns, and volunteers down South to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Rhythm X would like to thank everyone who came out to watch us this weekend and helped with the performance- without you, none of this would be possible! 

The X Store was the busiest it has been yet this season with our new merchandise and X15 drum raffle- including beanies, jackets, X15 tees, and flat-billed hats. Get your gear online or at The X Store Booth at MEPA Championships to be ready for WGI World Championships in two weeks!

Catch us next week at MEPA Championships in Dayton, OH, and be sure to enter the X15 Drum Raffle to win one of our drums and a custom ON2 wrap! For only $10, you can have the chance to win a gorgeous Pearl CarbonCore snare drum with a custom ON2 wrap of your choosing.

Join the Rhythm X conversations by following us on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, and don't forget to add us on Snapchat at 'rhythmxinc'. 

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We cannot wait to see you all at MEPA Championships next weekend! We are so thankful for our fans' loyal support and always look forward to hearing from you.