Volunteer at Rhythm X, Inc. for WGI Championships

We are lucky to have great support from our fans year after year. The X15 Performance Tour has proven to be one of our most exciting yet and we need YOUR help to finish strong! This is your opportunity to help fuel Rhythm X through one of the best weeks of the year.

We’re currently seeking volunteers to help fill several vital roles during our trip at the WGI World Championships.

  1.  Box Truck Driver:
    •  With the addition of Winds this year, Rhythm X, Inc. also purchased a 24’ box truck, affectionately known as “The Winds Truck.”  We are in need of a volunteer to take on the important responsibility of driving the Winds truck to and from performances and rehearsal sites throughout the week. This lucky volunteer will have the opportunity to work closely with the Rhythm X cast and staff, experience WGI Championships from the insider perspective, and several added perks. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at give@rhythmx.org. Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age and a licensed and insured driver able to drive a manual transmission.
  2. The X Store Booth Representative:
    • Help Rhythm X raise money and meet hundreds of fans, students, parents, alumni, and family of Rhythm X members and staff. Representatives will help at The X Store booth in the Expo at WGI World Championships at the UD Arena in Dayton, Ohio. You'll be accompanied by an experienced X Store coordinator who can quickly show you the ropes. It's easy! Just smile and make the sale. You'll love the chance to meet so many people who support our organization. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at give@rhythmx.orgVolunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

  3. Provide a Meal:
    •  Did you know Rhythm X has fed our cast full meals for every show weekend the past three years? Without the help of our generous parents and supporters, this could not have been possible. Ask any cast member and they will tell you these meals make a world of difference in contributing to their positive experience in the Rhythm X, Inc. performance ensembles. This year we will be feeding six meals to our 80 cast members during WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. You too can help fuel the X15 cast to perform at their best by providing a meal during WGI Championships. Any amount makes a difference! If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at give@rhythmx.org

New Staff for the 2015 Season

We're adding four amazingly talented individuals to our team today. Caleb Lamb, #249 of Dayton, Ohio joins the educational team as a cymbal and movement instructor and Jonathan Meader, #314 of Fort Wayne, Indiana will become a movement instructor and choreography consultant. 

Additionally, two of our X14 interns are joining the administrative team. Pat Fitzgerald, who was instrumental in the creation of eXtra Access, our weekly video series presented by Pearl/Adams will continue to provide his input in our media offerings as the Media Supervisor. Lastly, Maddie Wessel, our administrative intern from X14, will continue her great work as the Administrative Supervisor. 

We're very excited to add these passionate individuals to our team. You can learn more by reading the official press release