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The X Academy Heads To Costa Rica!

DAYTON, OH - In January, world-class instructor Tom Gasparrini of Rhythm X, Bellbrook High School, and the Bluecoats heads to Costa Rica for a whistle-stop tour of the country teaching marching percussion at six local bands and schools.

This whirlwind event will bring the total number of international events from The X Academy to an astounding thirteen! Rhythm X, Inc. has set a goal of bringing The X Academy to as many aspiring music students in the world as possible. This event falls squarely within our mission.

Most of the Costa Rican clinics on the schedule will be open to the public. Learn more at the clinic page on here:

About The X Academy

The X Academy is an educational program of Rhythm X, Inc. started in 2014. The program brings interactive educational events and presentations to music students around the globe. The X Academy hosts the Audition Clinics for Rhythm X, Inc.'s Percussion and Winds programs as well as European X, The Dragons Drumline, and The Growl - the official drumline of the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2015 The X Academy visited three continents and six countries producing an astounding thirteen international events to marching music students.

El X Academia Va A Costa Rica

DAYTON , OH - En enero, instructor de clase mundial Tom Gasparrini de Rhythm X, Bellbrook High School, y los Bluecoats a Costa Rica para una visita relámpago del país enseñando marchando percusión en seis bandas locales y las escuelas.

Este evento torbellino hará que el número total de eventos internacionales de The X Academy a una de trece asombroso! Rhythm X , Inc. ha fijado la meta de llevar The X Academy a tantos estudiantes de música aspirante en el mundo como sea posible. Este evento entra de lleno en nuestra misión.

La mayoría de las clínicas de Costa Rica en el calendario será abierta al público . Más información en la página de la clínica en aquí:

Acerca de The X Academy

The X Academy es un programa educativo de Rhythm X, Inc. se inició en 2014. El programa trae eventos y presentaciones educativas interactivas para estudiantes de música de todo el mundo . The X Academy acoge las Audition Clinics para Rhythm X, Inc. Percusión y Vientos programas, así como de European X, The Dragons Drumline , y The Growl - drumline oficial de los Cincinnati Bengals. En 2015 The X Academyvisitó tres continentes y seis países productores de la asombrosa cantidad de trece eventos internacionales a marchar estudiantes de música.



eXtra Access: The X16 Audition Clinics

We created a special edition of eXtra Access for the X16 Audition Clinics, presented by The X Academy.

FJM - Fred J. Miller, Inc. is a proud supporter of eXtra Access. Watch all episodes at

New ON2 Drum Slips For The X Academy Pearl Drums!

The X Academy is getting a drumline of their very own and as usual Pearl Drums and ON2 Percussion are helping us out in a big way. 

Check out these incredible Drum Slips™ designed and provided by ON2 Percussion for The X Academy's Pearl drumline!

Where can you see these drums? The X Academy is hosting seven incredible clinics in the Midwest in 2015-16. Check out the upcoming events at

Print Your Very Own Poster

With the X16 Audition Clinics right around the corner it's time to get the word out! The clinics are the most fun you'll have all month - and it's best with friends! Here's how you can help spread the word, and get your friends to join the fun:

1) Download and print your favorite - or all three. ;) 
2) Take a poster to your band room.
3) Follow us on Twitter and be sure your friends know you're headed to Indy on October 4th and 11th!

Check out the posters:

An Amazing Football Field Sound Delay Calculator

Check out this amazing tool from Andrew Rogers and Brad Sparks. 

Every band director and drum corps staff has their own tips and tricks for lining up the sounds of an ensemble on the marching band field. Performers are often spread all over the field, the metronome often moves around in rehearsal, and sometimes the drum majors hands aren't the right thing to be watching. This incredible excel file maps out zones on the field for listening back, playing with the hands, and even when to anticipate the drum majors hands. You can even change the location of the judges or audience!

Check out Andrew's video tutorial here:

Video credit: Andrew Roger and Brad Sparks, YouTube

European X and Rhythm X, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

The organizations will share a marketing team and The X Academy.

Today we're tremendously excited to announce an official partnership between Rhythm X, Inc. and European X, an indoor percussion ensemble founded by the IMP Foundation in 2009. European X and Rhythm X have shared a working relationship over the past seven years. Craig Dunn, the organization's founder has worked closely with both groups, and each year Rhythm X staff members travel to the Netherlands to help with the design and instruction of the European X show. This week the organizations formed an official Strategic Partnership that will more closely align the organizations and officially turn the Rhythm X brand into a worldwide project.

“Since our founding, European X has shared a common vision with our American counterpoint. We are excited to officially join forces with Rhythm X, Inc. and work toward our common goals together,” said Michel ten Brummelhuis, Staff Coordinator and Board Secretary of the IMP Foundation.

The new partnership will keep each organization independent from one another, although they will now share a website and marketing team. European X will continue to draw instructional and design staff from Rhythm X, and the organizations will now work more closely on strategic development and cooperative projects. Notably, this partnership extends the scope of The X Academy to Europe. All European X audition and community clinics will be hosted by The X Academy, Rhythm X, Inc.'s newest educational program.

“We’ve always been proud of our friendship with European X. It has been great to see so many Rhythm X alumni and staff members travel to the Netherlands,” said Mike Scott, CEO of Rhythm X, Inc. “Making this partnership official has been a long time coming. I’m thrilled to be joining forces and making the X vision strong on multiple continents!”

Earlier this year, European X announced plans to attend the 2016 WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH. Just over one year from now the X family will have three ensembles at the WGI World Championships, including European X and our new WGI Winds ensemble

Dayton Dragons Drumline Audition Clinic a Success!

Yesterday, The X Academy presented the Dayton Dragons Drumline Audition Clinic at Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Ohio. The event was a great success with students from all over the Dayton area in attendance, eager to learn and be a part of the hottest new thing in minor league baseball. Percussionists of all ages and ability levels were able to take part in the clinic this past weekend. Led by the Dayton Dragons Drumline Founder and Director, Zac Jansheski, students spent the full day learning from experienced staff; focusing on clean technique, rehearsing exercises and cadences, and meeting other students in the area. Check out some photos from the event below:

Congratulations to all those who made the line and thank you to every student who came out to the clinic to make it such a success! Contract signing occurs this upcoming Wednesday, 25. The 2015 Dayton Dragons Drumline will debut at the Opening Day Parade on April 12, 2015! Check out our schedule to find out when you can see the Dayton Dragons Drumline in action at any one of the games!