The X14 Cast is All Over This Summer

Find many members of the X14 cast at the Drum Corps International Event near you! Here's some shots of cast members performing and teaching at drum corps around the country. 

X14 age-out Joe Woodie is a snare tech at the Bluecoats. You can see snare drummer Mike Davis on the left, and X14 snare tech Tom Gasparrini and X12 age-out Josh Sneed on the golf cart.

Tommy Roam, Mike Cavanaugh, Donte Cleveland, Jason Schladweiler, Ryan Ellis, and long-time instructor Ryan Lamb rehearsing at the Bluecoats Spring Training facilities. 

WGI Championships Recap

The X14 season is a wrap! Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Rhythm X competed in the WGI World Championships where they won the bronze medal in the World Class competition. You can view the prelims scores here as well as the semi-finals, and finals scores.

After a brief break from rehearsal last Monday, X14 posted-up at Stubbs park in Centerville, Ohio where they had five great days of rehearsal in beautiful weather. 


At the WGI Expo in the parking lot of UD Arena, The X Store had a record-breaking week. Thanks for all your support! This year's Rhythm SeXy shirt sold out in just two days and we sold hundreds of stickers, t-shirts, beanies, and more. The X Store will be online again soon with even more apparel. 

The X14 Drum Raffle ended in great success too. Congrats to the grand prize winner Sam Braverman who won a new Pearl CarbonCore snare drum and TJ Bartley and Cody Sasser who won logo'd drumheads signed by the X14 cast. Garrett Mindaro, Brad Excell, Cathy Lewis Tant, and Cole Lacy won drumsticks from Innovative Percussion!

This year's final lot warm-up had to be one of the most exciting in Rhythm X history. 

This season was an incredible one for Rhythm X. We couldn't have done it without you our supporters and fans. Also, a special thanks goes to our partners, Pearl/Adams, Sabian, Evans Drumheads, FJM, Inc., Innovative Percussion, Planet Waves, D'Addario, and Etymotic Research. Without their help Rhythm X would not operate. 

Coming Soon: The X Academy

Read the press release here. 

View the launch page here. 

At Rhythm X we work hard to bring the best designers, performers, and instructors together. We've created a great community over the last thirteen years and have been able to accomplish some amazing things.   Rhythm X, as a performance ensemble, has had many accomplishments in the WGI circuit. We feel that we've been able to bring our voice to the activity in a powerful way. While we know that our way of doing things is just one of many successful ways, we're proud of our approach and - over the last year or so - we've been working hard to find ways that we can continue to expand our voice and make a resounding impact on the music education community. 

A small preview of The X Academy start page. 

Today we're announcing plans for the launch of a product we're calling The X Academy. We're extremely excited to bring this platform to the world. While on the surface The X Academy is an online resource for percussion education and show design, The X Academy is truly an innovative, state-of-the-art online school that will be accessible around the world. 

The best way to learn more about The X Academy is to visit the launch page at rhythmx.org/academy. There you can learn more about the site's structure and product offerings. You can also sign up for the mailing list. Those who do will have exclusive access to launch announcements and discounts for downloadable products.

Basically, The X Academy will be divided into four portals: Exercises, Video, Lessons, and Design. The Exercises portal will contain tons of downloadable PDFs of etudes and excerpts that we have used over the years at Rhythm X. What's most exciting about the Exercises portal isn't the downloads though. The Exercises portal will have a page dedicated to each download where students will find performance videos, VDL recordings, Jam tracks, basic performance info and - most importantly - a video breakdown of the exercise with a staff member or the piece's composer explaining the music, section-by-section. 

The Video portal is an area on which we worked hard to get right. Currently, video content about percussion is easy to come by, but it's not as organized and clearly presented as we'd like. The Video portal is a beautiful stream of our video content: some streaming, some downloadable. The Video portal will contain performance videos of our exercises, technique explanations, design resources, and section-by-section breakdowns of the etudes and exercises in the Exercise portal.

The Lessons and Design portals are perhaps the most innovative section of The X Academy. Each will offer live one-on-one sessions via your webcam and Google Helpouts technology. In the Lessons portal, students can schedule a lesson with Rhythm X instructors on any percussion instrument. Whether it is to play through a Rhythm X exercise or to get commentary on a xylophone excerpt, The X Academy will become the single best location for percussion students around the world to seek help with a qualified instructor. Instructors on The X Academy have years of experience in marching and concert percussion. Most will have Bachelor and Masters Degrees in percussion performance and education. If a student doesn't want a face-to-face lesson, the Lessons portal will have the option to upload a video of the student. An instructor will then record helpful commentary and demonstrations and send a video back! 

The Design portal is much like the Lessons portal but we've tailored it for ensemble directors and designers! We're really proud of the programs that our team designs each year, both at Rhythm X and at their other programs. Now directors and designers will be able to schedule a live consolation via Google Helpouts or submit a video of their show and receive recorded commentary back. 

All together, you should know that Rhythm X is deeply committed to the music education community. The X Academy won't be a one-shot deal. We will continue to curate and upload new material after we launch.

To learn more visit rhythmx.org/academy. You can read today's press release here. 

MEPA Championships Recap

This past weekend Rhythm X competed in the Mid East Performance Association Championships at the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. To view prelims scores, visit here. To view finals scores, visit here. Congratulations to all who participated and put on excellent performances throughout the weekend!

Rhythm X was excited to reveal that we have raised the bar, adding several feet onto the backfield auxiliary percussion unit- affectionately know as "Rack City" by the cast and staff. The "high beam" is now 11" tall made entire of units for the Adams Endurance Field Frame. See photos, videos, and the reactions of fans to the raised bar below.

Behind the curtain, right before the full retreat, several of the sections from various groups met up to congratulate each other! The cast of X14 loves to meet fans and fellow performers, so feel free to stop by the lot or after performances to meet them. This kind of comradery is one of the many reasons this activity is so outstanding!

The X Store was open once again this weekend at MEPA Championships! Several fans were able to gear up on hoodies, t-shirts, sticks, practice pads, and stickers. Visit The X Store online to prepare for WGI World Championships, or visit The X Store booth at the WGI World Championships Expo in two weeks!

To stay involved for the rest of the season, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Facebook! Remember to tag all your posts #X14 to be a part of the conversation. Can you help us reach 6k followers on Twitter by finals? Shout out to Brayden Segat for helping us with this effort!

Stay tuned for more updates as we push towards WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio on April 10-12! Rhythm X would love to see you there- at the booth, in the lot, and especially in the arena!

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eXtra Access: Episode 112

It's the twelfth episode of eXtra Access, presented by Pearl/Adams! This past weekend X14 was at the WGI Mid-South Championships in Bowling Green, KY. You can read more about their weekend on The X Blog. Look for a recap of our competition weekends there every week. 

Don't forget, you can watch every episode of eXtra Access at rhythmx.org/extraaccess!

TreeWorks Chimes' Newest Addition to X14

X14 is excited about the addition of two brand new Double Row Classic Chimes and a 3-Dimensional Triple Triangle to the backfield auxiliary percussion section, thanks to TreeWorks Chimes. Rhythm X is proud of our partnership with TreeWorks Chimes and values the high quality of the instruments. The total of four Double Row Classic Chimes included in the backfield auxiliary percussion section truly round out the sound and add a unique element to the X14 program, The Razor's Edge. Listen and look for these special additions to the auxiliary percussion section throughout the rest of the X14 performance tour! Thanks, Tree Works!